Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex

The unique structure of cyclodextrins enables them to form inclusion complexes with a variety of materials. Cyclodextrin inclusion complexes modify the properties of the guest compound. (e.g. Improve solubility, stability or reduce volatility, Irritant, toxicity and sideeffect. They are used for masking taste and odor, stabilizing, delivering or solubilizing active ingredients.) We markets a range of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes belowed:





Horsereddish power

The power of horsereddish

Standard 0.5-5% (Increase and decrease according to favor)

Give and strengthen ragrance

Mustard powder

The power of mustard

Cassia power

The power of cassia

Angelica power

The power of angelica

Orange Powder

The power of orange

Lavender power

The power of lavender

Ginger power

The power of ginger

Seabuckthorn power

The power of seabuckthorn

Vitamin D3 power

The power of vitamin